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How do I request the extension of a loan payment?

An online loan can be easily obtained for you to use according to your goals and is very helpful when you need urgent cash. You do the simulation on the internet, inform your data, the analysis is done in a matter of minutes and, if approved, the money falls into your bank account.

Once you get your loan, it is important to keep the payment of installments up to date and avoid penalties for delay. However, since you were already tight on money in the first place, it sometimes happens that your next paycheck may not be enough to repay the loan as you planned.

The solution, in this case, may be to request an extension of the loan repayment . But how and why should you do this? Keep reading and see us!

What is the payment extension?

What is the payment extension?

If you know beforehand that you will not be able to pay the personal loan online within the initial planned time frame, it is possible to request a payment extension. The extension is nothing more than to ask for some more time to pay the amount you owe.

For example, if your loan will expire the next day, you can request an extension to repay it in 28 days. That way, the remainder of the loan will be repaid with the new term, and you could pay the installments without being fined late, preventing you from having the name denied.

Why ask for payment extension?

Why ask for payment extension?

The worst thing you can do when realizing that you are going to delay the repayment of the loan installments is simply to do nothing. According to the agreement agreed upon in the request of the online personal loan, this can lead to more interest, which will accumulate complicating your situation further.

In addition, you may start receiving charges over the phone that can be a major inconvenience. Lastly, if the default persists, the lender has the right to send your name to the SPC and you may end up being denied.

How to request payment extension?

How to request payment extension?

The payment extension needs to be negotiated with the lender of your personal loan online. In the case of Walter Mitty, you can make the request through our application available for Android or the site in the customer’s personal area.

You will have access to a simulator that will present you the conditions of the extension. You will need to pay a value to release the request – this value will be specified in the simulator. Walter Mitty will then review your application, and if approved, you may gain a little more time to finalize your online loan payment. This is another advantage of Walter Mitty, taking the bureaucracy up at times when it needs to extend a payment to suit its cash flow.


The Loan Broker Offers Loans at Sharp Interest Rates Experiences?



The Loan broker mediates in loans. You can borrow money from various lenders in the Netherlands. This can be money for a one-off major expense, but also to fill temporary shortages due to a loss of your job or unforeseen expenses. In order to find a suitable lender, the help of Platinium may be desirable.

The Loan Broker is a credit broker who acts as a mediator between a consumer and a lender. This party tries to take out a loan for you at the most favorable conditions, so that your monthly payments are minimal.

The Loan Broker will therefore not compare all available loans with each other, but still compares more than 30 loans from large and well-known lenders in the Netherlands. This makes it wise to also make a comparison between different lenders, in order to find the most favorable solution. You indicate what you are looking for a loan for, and they look for the most suitable loan for you.

Below you will find a table with fixed interest rates for the personal loan at Platinium.

Amount Term p / m Interest annual basis JKP Duration Total
€ 50,000 € 506.82 4.1% 4.1% 120 months € 60.818
€ 25,000 € 253.41 4.1% 4.1% 120 months € 30.409
€ 15,000 € 154.81 4.5% 4.5% 120 months € 18,577

* Pay attention! This is an indication. With this indication, the debit interest remains the same, the total loan amount is fully included, no re-admissions or additional redemptions take place and the installments are paid on time.

Mediating role of Platinium

The Loan broker can play a mediated role in concluding various types of loans . The most obvious forms of credit for a consumable use are a personal loan and a revolving credit.

In their own words, Platinium compares more than 30 different loans when you submit a credit application via this party. Keep in mind, however, that many more loans are being offered by lenders .

In order to make a good choice, it is very important that you are aware of the differences between the two types of credit. The Loan Broker can help you with this by listing the differences between the two loans in advance for you.

A revolving credit is mainly interesting for people who are relatively often at unforeseen costs or have a flexible income. Consider entrepreneurs, for example, who have a much lower income for some months than other months.

With a revolving credit you can pay off part of your loan in the months with a higher income and borrow additional money in the months with a low income. A personal loan , on the other hand, is intended for one-off expenses that you can not pay directly yourself. In this case you borrow a fixed amount at a fixed rate. Every month you pay off part of the loan and accrued interest costs.

Exchanging a loan with Platinium

In addition to the possibility to take out a new loan through Platinium, this organization also makes it possible to transfer a loan . Crossing a loan can be of interest to you if you want to reduce your monthly payments.

When you take out a loan, you take out a new loan at a lower lending rate from another lender. With this new loan, you can pay off your current loan in one go, thus reducing your monthly payments. The loan amount remains the same, but the interest costs decrease.

It can be difficult to arrange the transfer of your loan yourself. By calling in a credit broker such as Platinium for this, you will be taken over by a lot of administrative work. Requesting a new loan or a loan from Platinium can be done online very easily. Take a look at the website of this credit intermediary for more information!

Your Mini-Credit Without Payroll or Guarantee Loan Consolidation Instantly!

Gaplan Loan is a large mini – lending company that is doing its job very well in recent times. Do you want to know more about them? So, keep reading, because you are before the deepest analysis that is done about this company. Lets go see it!

Who is behind this entity? Is Gaplan Loan legit?

Gaplan Loan is a subsidiary of Financial Technology International, which operates in several countries in Eastern Europe. It is a company that puts the focus on information, transparency and responsibility in the request and grant of mini-credits, which is reflected in what it offers.

This company has a free credit of € 300 available to new customers. It is a way of checking the responsibility of that customer who approaches the company and demonstrates that he is able to return the requested mini-credit within the stipulated period.

It offers a great advantage to its clients regarding what the competition does: the extension of the credit. This can be a good way out of situations in which the agreed upon is not reached, but there are indications that this return will be able to be made if this extension is granted.

Gaplan Loan is a perfectly reliable company. If the terms of your loans attract you, you should not worry about this issue, since they offer you as many guarantees as most of the companies in this sector, both legally and customer service.

The Gaplan Loan mini-loan

The Gandalf Loan mini-loan

Once the reliability of the company is seen, we can take a look at the characteristics that they offer us in their mini-credit. We are sure that they will surprise you!

  • Maximum amount: € 1,000. Gaplan Loan stands out in this aspect. We are already talking about amounts that exceed what is normally granted in this type of mini-credits. It is one of the most offered, well above the average of about € 500 that exists in these types of products.
  • Minimum amount: € 50. Like most companies, Gaplan Loan establishes this minimum price at which credits can be requested. It is a way that neither they nor the client lose time in credits that are not going to get the entity to make money or resolve anything to the requestor.
  • First free credit of up to € 300. This first loan in which you do not have to pay interest is an ideal way to test the company, see if it meets your expectations, if it serves you as you deserve and if it will interest you in the future to hire more credits with it. And, for the entity, it’s a good way to prove yourself.
  • Maximum return period: 30 days. It is the standard term that prevails in this type of products. The negative here is that if you ask for very high figures, as is possible with this entity, the chances of returning it in time are greatly reduced.
  • Minimum return period: There is not. Although in its simulator the minimum term that is proposed is 5 days, the entity makes it clear that you can return it at any time in which you have the money prepared.
  • Response time: 2 minutes. We speak here of the leading entity in speed, as long as they meet that deadline. The process is automated, with which it is very easy to obtain an almost instantaneous response.
  • Time until you have the money: 15 minutes. Gaplan Loan works with several banks. If you share one, your money will be in your account in a few minutes. If not, you will have to wait one or two days.
  • Early cancellation allowed: you can cancel the credit early and make only pay for the corresponding days. A way to make things easier for you and adapt to you.
  • Possibility of extension: in this case, what would be paid would be according to the term in which it is extended. It is another way to make you have at your disposal a great flexibility to hire just what you need.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As usual, to apply for the microcredit, it will be essential that you meet certain requirements. The requirements of this entity to qualify for the microcredit are the following:

  • It is not necessary to have payroll : this entity allows you to request those mini-credits without having a payroll. The pension or unemployment subsidy will allow you to access this product.
  • No endorsement is necessary: ​​as long as you show that you have that regular income, the endorsement will not be a problem for you. You can request a mini-credit without having to risk your vehicle or your home.
  • It is not valid for those registered in Financial Credit Institutions: If you are in Financial Credit Institutions, there are several entities that can accept your request, but Gaplan Loan is not one of them. It does not accept those who already appear as delinquent, which serves to minimize the risk of default.
  • Minimum age: 21 years. Gaplan Loan does impose a minimum age that does not coincide with the age of majority. This is based on the fact that younger people are one of the collectives that has greater difficulties when it comes to returning the money they have lent to them.
  • Maximum age: 75 years. A maximum age is also marked. This means that, although pensioners are not rejected, those over this age do have the inability to obtain a loan with this company.
  • Permanent residence in Spain and having a Spanish account: this point is very important, since there are people who, although they have lived in Spain for a long time, do not have any current account where they can deposit the money. This would be the first step.
  • Valid for unemployed : being unemployed does not make it impossible to access this credit. Of course, you must be clear that you have to show a regular income, so everything will depend on whether you have them, either for an unemployment benefit or any other means that allows you to tell the entity that your income is regular in the time and enough to pay that mini-credit in the established time.
  • Valid for pensioners: another sector that can benefit from these mini-credits. Although it is true that the maximum age is 75 years, most pensioners are of a much younger age, so there are more pensioners who can request that mini-credit than those who can not.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Once seen what are the requirements to get the microcredit, let us look at the procedure by which you can get with it. As you can see, it is a process without any complications:

  1. You access your website and enter the amount and time in the simulator.
  2. Create a personal account from which to enter your data and verify them.
  3. In a few minutes the answer is received and, in a few minutes more, the money in the current account.

It is a very short and simple process in which everything is comfortable. The rapidity makes the time that passes since you have reached the web until you have the money in your account is very short, which is a great advantage.

Customer reviews of their microloans

Customer reviews of their microloans

Opinions on Gaplan Loan focus mainly on how easy it is to do everything with this entity. It adapts to the deadlines you need, allows extensions, early cancellations… that is, everything that can allow you to adapt to the eventualities that arise over time.

Other opinions that are very repeated are those related to the fact that they are one of the entities that offers the most money in these mini-credits (internal link to mini-credit landing). Getting € 1,000 allows you to do many things, and it’s a good way to not have to ask for patches here and there to get what you need.

The fact that they offer such a high amount is one of the main reasons why customers opt for this company. It is one of the few ways to have € 1,000 in a few minutes when you can not get any advance or anything like it.

Regarding criticism, the focus is also placed on the fact that such high amounts of money make it very difficult to return in 30 days. There is a lot of talk that this term is not adapted to the amount of money that is asked for, and that it would be better to return it in installments.

Loans for Debtors – How to get a loan without BIK



In recent years, non-banking companies providing loans have become very popular. This is the effect of tightening the provisions on granting loans by banks, caused by the next guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Non-bank companies offer products for practically everyone, even for people with a bad history at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).


Credit without BIK – Offer Of Non-Bank Companies


Credit  - Offer Of Non-Bank Companies

Non-banking companies have a wide range of products – from payday loans (low amounts usually borrowed for up to 30 days) to loans for higher amounts borrowed for a long period. Their cost varies, depending on the company and the period for which the contract will be concluded. In the case of payday loans , many companies have a special offer for new customers in the form of a free first loan. This means that if it is repaid in a timely manner, the client does not bear any costs associated with its granting.

The non-bank loan offer is growing from month to month. New companies are created, loans for higher amounts are offered (up to PLN 25,000), and the loan period is extended. At present, apart from loans for natural persons, loans for companies are also available on the non-banking market. However, it should be taken into account that loans from non-banking companies will be much more expensive than bank loans.







Who can Get A Loan without BIK?


Who can Get A Loan ?


A loan without BIK can prove to be a good, and sometimes even the only, solution for people who for various reasons can not apply for a loan in a bank. Bad history in BIK or low scoring do not prevent getting a non-bank loan. In most cases, you do not even need a certificate of income or documented receipts to your account. All you need is a customer statement about your income. It should be remembered that even if non-bank companies do not check BIK (or check, but do not use data contained in the database), they verify other databases, such as KRD, BIG Infomonitor or BIG Erif. Entry in such a database may be a reason to refuse to grant a loan. However, more and more often you can find companies offering loans for indebted people , and even for people with bailiff debt.



How to Get a Loan without BIK?


How to Get a Loan ?

A person applying for a loan without a BIK must be above all an adult. In most cases, the lower age limit is 18 years, however, some companies have introduced a limitation and minimum age of the borrower even 25 years.

The upper age limit, depending on the company, is 75-80 years. To submit the application, you need an ID card and a phone number. You can apply for a loan online, by phone or through credit intermediation agencies. After entering the application and verification, we receive a decision.

In the case of a positive decision, the contract is signed and waiting for the money that is paid on the same day. Most non-banking companies offer several loan payment options: a transfer, an automatic payment in the Pekao SA bank or a GIRO check (which can be carried out at any post office).